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She Will Heal Magazine Fall 2023
Sols Write House is excited to relaunch our magazine that goes into prisons, waiting rooms, mental health facilities, or individuals looking for a healing magazine for women  & and young girls.

Launched into the DEEP

Magazine front cover

Free Writing Opportunity

1.   Business Advice
2.  Grief is Real (death of a child)
3.  Domestic Violence Awareness
4. Missing Person Awareness
5. Young and Talented
6.  Mental Health Awareness 
7. Story-Telling

Submission Months: Feb / May / Aug / Nov

Purchase Ad Categories

1.  Business / Products / Services
2.  Real Estate Listings
3.  Salon / Barber Listings
4.  Attorney Listings
5.  Book Author Listings
6.  Employment / Training
7.   Conference Events


She Will Heal Magazine past issues

Say It  See It. Write It

We all have a story to share.

Here's a Free writing opportunity

to share your Situation of life Story

with our community. 

We are now accepting Free articles

Submissions in these categories up

to 350 words max please: 

Past Magazine Issues
Front Cover of past Issue
Past Magazine issue
Sols Write House
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