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Welcome to my Blog Root of my Pain Conversations

My name is SherriLaVon and I am a woman who has buried 2 of my children. My son died in 1989 of an enlarged heart & liver that wasn't discovered in time. He went into cardiac arrest on October 30, 1989. His name is Wesley. My daughter was found dead at a home daycare center in West Knoxville off Wesley Road on March 20, 1991. My daughter had been dead for over 3 hours when the paramedics arrived. Her name is Les'Leye.

I started The Sols Write House to give myself and others an outlet to express our thoughts after the tragedy, depression, and mental health breakdowns.

Now we have over 100 authors who have come through our organization and received various resources such as free computers, printers, publishing tools, mental health resources, and life coaching support.

We started Books Behind Bars to get various books to women, men, and youth that are locked up in prison, in transitional housing, and in hospitals.


Root Of My Pain Book Conferences Pop-Ups Since the death of my 2 children, I was angry for many years. Yes at God. I couldn't understand why my kids had to die. Now I am sharing my story of redemption, restoration, and forgiveness. It took over 20 years to get me here and now I am going to get back everything the devil stole from me over the years. If it wasn't for God, my family, and Apostle Jerry Upton of Honey Rock Victorious Church INT., who believed in my gifts and talents, I would still be mad. Since rededicating my life to Christ, I have been in several play productions, I have written my own play and produced it, I have written over 13 books that are sent to inmates in prison or mental health facilities, started a tshirt design class, and book publishing classes. I am ready to step out on faith and share my story and help others hurting like I was, let go and let God do it. Join me and follow my journey as i get to The Root of The Pain.

I welcome you to share and learn more about my children, how my Faith restored me and what I am doing now to help others find their purpose after the death of a child.

How many of you have buried a child?

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