Who I am & Acomplishments in our Communities

Sherri LaVon Williams grew up in Knoxville, TN, and attended Sarah Moore Green, Vine Middle, and Austin East High School. Sherri was a participant of the NYC program formerly name " Neighborhood Youth Corp."This program was dedicated to helping youth to obtain jobs in the community during the summer after school. This was very rewarding to Sherri at an early age. She helped her own Mother get her first home through the KCDC housing program in 1987. She worked with Judy Branch and Betty Moore for over 5 years in the program. 

SherriLaVon has buried 2 of her own children, had a son incarcerated and with the grace of God, her youngest son overcame Autism. With the support of her family, her church family, and community, she is dedicated to empowering women and their children to Rise up and get to the root of their pain and heal from within at her Writing Retreats.

Since 2010, Here are our accomplishments:

  • The Executive Director at HR Community Development Center

  • Hosted over 150 events for the community

  • Served over 4000 youth since 2010(started at The Literacy Imperative)

  • Partnered and served with over 30 organizations and community leaders since 2010

  • Donated over 1200 Computers Warren Sanders of Tellico Village Access Computer Program since 2014

  • Donated over 5000 books to inmates, shelters, and the homeless since 2014

  • Over 75 Self Book Publishing Authors through our program

  • SherriLaVon has published over 15 books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Was presented by Lori Tucker the WATE 6 On Your Side Community Hero Award in April 2017

  • Sang The Nationa Anthem for 2017 World Cycling Pro Competition 

  • Sang National Anthem for Major Madeline Rogero State of the Union Address 2017

  • Received Letter from President Barack Obama in 2016 

  • Volunteered over 175 Hours during the Smokey Mountain Fire Disaster with Ameri-corps

  • Evangelist SherriLaVon is also hosting a tv outreach on Daily Gospel Network.


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